House of Hope Haiti - Elderly Home for the Homeless

Just LED + Lights works closely with u2u world, a registered 501c3 charity passionate about redeveloping the devastated communities on the Island of La Gonave, Haiti. Some of the projects they have completed in the past include the Weslyan guest house which hosts international volunteers and visiting medical and philanthropic teams, as well as a 100% LED, 45 bed hospital, that is fully equipped and functioning, which now has a nursing school.

u2u’s current endeavor is to transition residents from the House of Hope, Elderly Home for the Homeless, to their new facility this May. In order to make this transition happen smoothly, u2u is in desperate need of finances and May is approaching fast!

To donate money to this great cause and find out more information about the project please visit the u2u’s GoFundMe page here:

With your Financial Gift We Will:

  • Transition the elderly to their new home (one year’s rent of $4,500)
  • Install Solar Panels
  • Set up their home with the basic necessities:
    • Beds & Mattresses
    • Furniture
    • Fans
    • Stove & Propane
    • Fridge
    • Water Cooler

Thank you in Advance for your support!!!

For more information about u2u, please visit their home page at

100% of all donations go towards our projects and directly impacts the people of Haiti.

More about The House of Hope Project:

The House of Hope formerly called the Poor House came under management of u2u in 2015 out of a deep concern for the way these homeless elderly people were living. The progress is slow but we have managed to provide a meal a day and a care taker who bathes them regularly. Most have serious medical conditions that they struggle with – overgrown tumors, cancer, prosthetics to name a few. The residents love visitors and live a very simple life. We have been working with local Government and Authorities to re-house them in May. The need is incredible and yet the solution so simple. Money, our most urgent need in order to make this happen.

We have started an account with the local hospital which pays for necessary medicines and necessities such as diapers. Twice monthly a nurse visits and the residents are all now being monitored on a regular basis.

The facility they currently live in has no water, cupboards, shower facility or clothes rails. They live under a leaking corrugated roof which is like a sieve when it rains. There is no security wall to protect them or their belongings and not even enough plates or cups for everyone to have one.

The current property is not suitable for renovations or growth that is why it has been decided to rent a House to transition our elderly friends into with a small amount of land for a vegetable garden, chickens and goats. A place where the resident can have projects to keep them stimulated and active. They have never had electricity. We are so excited to install a few solar panels on the new house! This will change everything!

It is a place where the elderly who are sick are left – a lot of times it is more like hospice really – we want to make their last days full of joy and love. To be with people who care about you and be part of a family, the best way to end your days when you are very sick. We are looking forward to partners and great change for this project.

GoFundMe Page: