Citing energy savings, brighter work areas, improved color perception and improved safety Ford has announced that it is moving forward to replace all the lighting in its factories from fluorescent and HID lighting to LED lighting.

The replacement project is slated for all of its 18 Ford manufacturing locations here in the USA and abroad. Their Dearborn Michigan factory was the first and work started there last month.

The project is estimated to cost around $25 million but Ford figures it will save $7 million per year in energy cost alone which means that it will take about 3.5 years to recoup the cost; less when you consider the cost of replacing fluorescent and HID light bulbs, not to mention the cost of labor to get those bulbs replaced each year. It will also improve safety by removing hazardous materials as well as reducing fire risks (LEDs waste very little energy as heat making them much more cost effective as well as reducing the danger of fire). We can also factor in the increased safety of workers who won't have to climb up to replace burned out bulbs.

Here's to hoping more companies follow suit.

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