Just LED + Lights is not just another website distributing LED lighting and equipment. We are affiliated with Illum Lighting Design  and, because of that, we are unique.

Our experienced team are trained experts in lighting. Anyone can sell LED lighting (and many do) but most of them have no idea what light should go where and why; few of them can tell you when to use a wall washer instead of a wall grazer and how to use one or the other to highlight or even make a room feel bigger. Illum Lighting Design has designed some of the most prestigious homes, businesses and restaurants on the west coast and our lighting designers are available to share their expertise with you.

LED lighting opens up incredible possibilities that have never existed before. Whether you're installing under-counter LED lighting, replacing fluorescent panels or doing recessed lighting in a bedroom, Illum is ready to help with ideas and inspiration.

For design expertise email Jessica our lighting designer. 

We'll be glad to help you illuminate your home, place of business or any other area that needs proper lighting. We'll advise on how to do it best and how to save you money in the process.

Now, through the affiliation that JLAL has with Illum Lighting Design you have professional lighting designers to help you, wow!