Q: Why should I choose Just LED + Lights for my lighting needs?

A: We have 36 years experience in the international electrical and design field. We have expertise in both design and construction. We have traveled extensively and so are very aware of products both nationally and internationally.

We are passionate about LED and it's medical and environmental benefits.

Quality, design, innovation, creativity, and simplicity are important to us.

We are closely linked with lighting and interior designers, architects and builders, contact us if you need some design help or advice.


Q: What are the color temperatures of the LED tape you sell?

A: CLICK HERE for pdf (IWW which is 2450K-2850K (this is true incandescent warm white).  WW which is 2700K-3500K (this is warm white which replicates halogen).  CW which is) 


Q: What can I use LED tape for?

A: LED is extrememly versatile and the tape easy to install.  It can be used in various mediums throughout industrial, commercial and residental buildings.  Such as, undercounter lighting, bookshelves, grazing walls.  Literally any kind of linear application, underwater illumination, exterior lighting - the uses are many.


Q: What kind of LED tape should I buy?

A: At Just LED+ Lights, we have LED tape to fit any and every scenario. Whether you’re lighting a stairway, counter, cabinetry, worksite, patio, or garden, we have specific tape to suit your needs. We offer different voltages depending on how much output you prefer and offer a multitude of different colors along with RGB color changing tape.  We are specialists in indoor and outdoor lighting and design.

To see a printable PDF of all our lights, CLICK HERE.


Q: What is the typical lifespan of LED tape?

A: Manufacturers' stated lifetime is 10,000 hours and Just LED & Lights being one of the first companies to introduce LED tape on the West Coast have projects where the tape has been installed and operational for extensive hours over the past four years and is still performing to it's original specification.


Q: How do I install my LED tape? Can I do it myself?

A: Yes, and it is incredibly simple. On our site, we have a step-by-step photo guide to help you. CLICK HERE


Q: How waterproof is the waterproof tape?

A: We have silicone dipped LED tape (IP67 rated) which is durable and waterproof for exterior applications.  We also have double dipped silicone tape with a solid plastic sheath which can be laid underwater (IP68 rated).


Q: How long will shipping usually take?

A: Your shipping will be calculated during check-out, and depends on where you live and what kind of shipping you choose.  Please don't hesitate to call us if you have urgent needs and we’re more than happy to work with you.


Q: How much tape should I buy?

A: Our tape comes in 16.4 foot rolls, which can be cut at predefined points, depending on the type of tape you purchase. Buy as many rolls as needed to line the area you will be lighting.  If you need advice we have designers who can help you.


Q: How many transformers will I need if I’m buying multiple rolls?

A: CLICK HERE for pdf (All our transformers are dimmable.  We have a 35w transformer that will serve a 16ft length of our 24w tape.  We have a 60w transformer that would serve 2 x 16ft lengths of 24w tape or one 36w tape.  We have 100w transformers which will serve 3 x 16ft lengths or 24w tape or 2 x 16ft lengths of 36w tape or 1 length of 72w tape. We have 150w transformers that would serve 5 x 16ft lengths of 24w tape or 3 x 16ft lengths of 36w tape or 1 x length of 72w tape.  We have 200w transformers that would serve 7 x 16ft lengths of 24w tape or 4 x 16ft lengths of 36w tape or 2 16ft lengths of 72w tape.)


Q: Can RGB and Warm or Cool White LED tape be mixed and used on the same transformer?

A: Yes


Q: I’m in the area, and I’d like to see your showroom. How do I do this?

A: Preferably call to make an appointment beforehand, as we’d like to make sure our Designer is here to meet with you. Our address is 1210 Mission Drive, Solvang, CA 93463 - opposite Nielsen’s Building Materials.


Q: Does LED tape meet UL Approval?

A: All our power supplies are UL approved.  However the LED tape has low voltage output and does not require lab testing. We can supply UL LED tape if that is required at a higher cost but it is generally not required by code.


Q: I have a technical question, who should I speak to?

A: You can call our Lighting Designer, Jez Blacker at 805-245-8155, or use the contact form below.


Q: Are there any other types of LED tape other than specified that you sell?

A: We also sell double intensity tape.  This is basically the same tape as specified but with double the amount of LED chips giving twice the output.   This is currently available but will be displayed on our website soon.